Teachers are one of the most influential entities of students especially in their childhood. In the event that the teachers fall short of portraying their responsibility to the students, then the effect endures to the future of the students.  

It is very vital that the students’ development are moulded and guided well by the appropriate persons such as the teachers. But if such persons fall short in their responsibility, then the future is unclear for these students.

The development of a society greatly depends on the foundation of the citizens during their formative years in school; hence, educators play a very vital role. Hence, the educators should provide only the best fostering to their students.

It is reality that the quality of public education in the United States is put on challenge until these days. One of the reasons why such quality is worsening is the continued attack against the competency and capability of educators in the academic institution.

The competency of educators in public schools in the United States is becoming dodgy to the parents and students nowadays. Such is the main reason of a decaying public education system in the United States.

There is a considerable number of things to be done to “clean up” the quality of public education in the country. Unprofessional conduct of educators in public school classrooms is one of the biggest issues in education today.

In 1999, investigative studies in some cities in the United States revealed the “other” face of teachers of public schools. The teachers were discovered to deviate from the standards of the academic institution. The deception comes into play when the teachers did not really aim to challenge the competency of the students through tests, instead, they would make easy ways out to pass unqualified learners.  

Public school teachers have been placed under the microscope to scrutinize their performance in the classroom. Teacher credibility and management competency have become sources of doubts and questions of parents about the education system. The public education has gone multi-directional, meaning; teachers tend to deviate from the standard policies and procedures in implementing academic requirements. Teaching malpractice pertains to the inconsistency of teachers in gauging the students’ degree of competency and understanding through administering the appropriate and prescribed testing method, according to investigative studies in the past.

The conduct of teachers is in question mainly because of the results of numerous investigative studies conducted in the past. Teachers were found out to have deviated from the norm of academic excellence as students were allowed to take their tests home; go beyond the prescribed test duration; students were given higher scores than actual performance—while no sanction was given to such malpractice.

The issue on unprofessional conduct of educators should be addressed right away regardless of how rampant it is because of the pressing effect it brings to the quality of public education. A learning management system is the solution to the problem. The LMS is software that will take care of the administrative and academic undertakings of the school such as record-keeping, performance management, materials sharing, and many more. Most LMS is web-based, hence all training and education related tasks can be made centralized in one hub so that all materials released such as manuals, test questionnaires, and the like are ensured to be official. The students will be trained to grasp and appreciate virtual learning, while the teachers will be challenged to practice virtual management. In essence, there exists transparency in terms of regulations and curriculum compliance among teachers, students, and the school administrators. A performance management feature in the LMS software will ensure that all faculty members are doing—or teaching—as prescribed. Hence, the parents will have peace of mind with respect to the credibility and competence of the teachers who handle their children at the virtual school. Lastly, the LMS is capable of quantifying the performance of the students based on inputs, thus assuring the parents of the actual grades of students, without biases or anything else.  

It does not matter if there the prevalence of professional misconduct in public education is high or not, as long as it does exist in the system, it should be busted. A learning management system is the best solution to the degenerating dilemma. An LMS will help schools manage and track the academic and administrative prerequisites such as record-keeping, information sharing, etc. The performance of teachers and students can be monitored through the LMS software. The online nature of LMS allows the school administrators to standardize all information manuals and training materials. The standardization guarantees parents and students of values compliance. The curriculum and syllabus are made available online that will let the students and parents know what to expect. Both the teachers and students will be encouraged to perform well in the virtual class since the LMS has a performance management feature. For the grading system, the parents will no longer worry about incredible grades because the LMS can quantify the actual performance of each student according to work inputs.

The existence of teaching malpractice in public education should not be condoned; hence a need for an urgent solution. A learning management system, also known as LMS, is the best answer to cure this worsening illness in education. An LMS, since it is software, can assist the school by managing tasks online—an efficient and innovative way of handling things. The web, as the central hub, can accommodate standardized academic and administrative requirements. Sources of academic requirements can be made official and standard allowing parents, teachers, students, and the school administration to meet at a common ground. Since the LMS has a performance management feature, the actions, behaviour and accomplishments of both teachers and students are monitored. Moreover, since the LMS can quantify the actual performance of each student, it can be guaranteed that the grades granted to the students are objective and measurable.

The issue on teaching misconduct can be resolved through a learning management system to save the public education system in the country.

Through a learning management system, the image of public education can be saved, uplifting the credibility of the educators in the country.

Establishing the credibility of educators and the education system should be the priority of the public schools to regain the tainted reputation of the teaching profession in the United States.

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